Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project Ideas

Possible project Ideas

I was wanting to produce an animation for this project, being narrative driven with focus on environment designs as well as characters.

1. Selfies lead to the downfall of society
Set in 40/50 years time and a man is telling his grandson a bedtime story of when he was young and smart phones came out and how a screen and selfie addicted generation led to the downfall of modern society.

Told through the boy imagining himself in the scenarios being described, in the form of short comedy skits/sketches, following mobile phones coming out, then the zombified screen addicts and followed by selfie addicts. Following repetition of new phones coming out every few months, more production and more waste slowly destroying the world while the products zombify generations.

2. WW2  Hansel and Gretel 
Following on from my Adaptation project, re imagining the house and turning the idea into a full animation depicting the story of two refugees being sent to live with a woman in the woods. 

3. Where do missing objects go
Story of a family where everything keeps disappearing and then reappearing 2 weeks later, with the young boy always being blamed for the disappearances, so he decides to go discover where these objects keep going. Discovering the creatures that are taking them.