Friday, 30 January 2015

The World of the Tooth Fairy Voice Over

These are the edited versions of the voice over for the Infographic, I think Voice Over 01 Edited, would work the best.

These are the unedited voice over takes for the Infographic

Mary and Max Film Review

Mary and Max Movie Poster

Mary and Max (2009) is an Australian clay-animated film directed and written by Adam Eliot. His previous work includes Harvie Krumpet (2003) and Uncle (1996), which have gone on to win awards such as an Oscar. His work features recurring themes including, themes of mental illnesses, friendships and childhood neglect that are depicted in his style of clay characters that are consistent throughout his work, refusing to use any digital effects in his films. The main characters Mary and Max are voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette.

 Mary and Max are two very different people who have become pen-pals from the opposite sides of the Earth. Mary being an 8 year old lonely child from the Australian Suburbs whose mother neglects her and has no friends, while Max is a 44 year old man living alone in New York City with Asperger’s syndrome. They meet when Mary wants to learn more about the world, specifically American and too make a friend, so she picks an address at random from a phone book at the  local post office and sends a letter to the address, which happens to be Max’s, asking her questions and asking how to deal with the bullying she is suffering. Max replies offering her advice to solve her problems, telling her how he dealt with the same problems when he was a child and continuing to send letters back and forth their friendship grows.

 I felt it was trying to bring awareness to childhood neglect and mental illness and the impact that this can then have in later life and how something so small can change someone’s entire future. This is achieved through the story and how the particular narrative structure is formed through the use of pen pals and the time scale it used. The art direction works with the narrative with the obscure personalities fitting with the caricature style clay models. I would recommend this film as it manages to get a serious message across while still managing to be funny.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Toothfairy Style Rethink

 I have redesigns the tooth fairy following feedback to fit in with a 50's style for the infographic.

50's Cartoons Influence

Friday, 23 January 2015

Tooth Fairy Design Ideas

These are some design and style ideas for the Tooth Fairy for the Infographic, designing him around the shape of teeth and basing the character off of an over-worked factory worker.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Adaptation Part B: Tell-Tale Heart

For Adaptation Part B I'm going to adapt Edgar Allan Poe's short story the Tell-Tale Heart into a character and an environment. With the character design reflecting their mental state and the environment being a further manifestation of their mental state.

I've began with looking at apartments and hotels from films where the characters have altered mental states.

The World of the Tooth Fairy Script Third Draft

This is the Third draft of my Tooth Fairy script following my tutorial yesterday: 

- The Tooth Fairy rises as the stars are shining brightly.

- Beginning the night shift of sunset to sunrise.

- Working swiftly and safely.

- Efficiently and thoroughly.

- To ensure every tooth is collected in one night.

- With a gift for every child.

- No tooth to large.

- No tooth to heavy.

- Nothing is too much for the tooth fairy.

- Every tooth carefully collected.

- Individually inspected and some rejected.

- Before returning home to his kingdom.

- To continue his work the following night.

Monday, 19 January 2015

The World of the Tooth Fairy Script Second Draft

To fit with the 1930's factory worker video style for the narration I changed the script slightly:

- The stars shine as night begins and the Tooth Fairy rises.
- From sunset to sunrise he  works through the night shift of collection 28000 teeth from children, leaving behind a small token as the only evidence of his visit.
- It requires an ability to work quickly and efficiently with a keen awareness of health and safety to ensure every tooth is collected in one night.
- No tooth to large, no tooth to heavy and the strain is never too much.

-To ensure every tooth is of the highest quality, each one is individually inspected before being packed to ensure no fakes slip through the net.
- The teeth are then marked and tagged for sorting once they return to the warehouse at the end of the night.

- After the long shift the Tooth Fairy returns home to get some well deserved rest before embarking into the following night and every night after.

The World of the Tooth fairy Script First Draft

- The world of the Tooth fairy is a complex one.
- Working sunset to sunrise collecting over 28000 teeth a night.
- It requires an ability to work quickly and methodically with a keen awareness of health and safety.
- Lifting tooth after heavy tooth the strain is never too much.
- To improve the safety of the Tooth fairy and work speed, forklifts are sometimes used to move pillows and get those tricky to reach teeth.
- To ensure top quality teeth each one is inspected before packing, sometimes some fake teeth try to slip through the net but their always spotted.
- The perfect specimens are individually marked and tagged before returning to the warehouse.
- Then to be repeated the following night and every single night after that.

The style of voice over I would use for this would be like that used in the video below.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tooth fairy Infographic Influence Map

The World of the Tooth fairy Rethink

For the infographic I will parody the world of a factory worker and what their day consist of for this surreal topic.

Day to day duties:
  • Working Sunset to Sunrise.
  • Ability to concentrate while doing repetitive tasks.
  • Operate forklifts and other relevant equipment.
  • Heavy Lifting.
  • Ability to work quickly and methodically.
  • An awareness of health and safety.
  • Check quality of products before packing.
  • Mark and tag products as necessary.
  • Storing goods and raw materials in the warehouse.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Adaption Part A: The World of the Toothfairy

The World of the Tooth fairy 

For this infographic I want to parody the style of serious infographics with this surreal topic.

This is the type of infographic I want to parody:

For the world of the Tooth fairy I was thinking of having teeth as a fuel like coal to fairies and the tooth fairy being in charge of the industry around collecting them, having the fairies being miners/factory workers. The Infographic would then be describing the Tooth fairy industry. 

This is a possible script parodying the infographic above:

Being the Tooth fairy is hard work.
The hours are long and the work is dangerous.
It takes time, It takes patience, lots of patience and it takes passion.
That's why I started the Tooth Fairy Corporation.
Here we understand your need for high quality teeth but at a more affordable rate.
That why our fairies are on-call visiting over 28,000 children a night and growing.
Using innovative collection methods to meet your ever growing teeth needs.
We have invented an ingenious new coin-under-the-pillow injection system, as well as a ground-breaking body Armour to protect these brave fairies.
With this focus on improving the safety of our employees and the sustainability of the industry, you can now enjoy your teeth, guilt free.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Character - Character Scales


Character - Class Work Backlog

Character Design - Technology

Character Design

Environment Design

Figure Poses

Skeleton Poses

Card Games

Group Pitch

Character - In Game Screens

Start Screen

Tool Inventory

Pouch Inventory

Character - Lab Environment

Lab Environment

Character - Water Creature Turn Around

Water Creature Turn Around

Character - Environment Through Lens View

Lens View
Using the Hero Characters goggles you can use Lens View that will allow you to get clues about the environment and where to go if you get stuck.

Character - Swamp Environment Concept Art & Development

Swamp Concept Art

Development 01

Development 02

Development 03

Development 04

Development 05

Development 06