Monday, 19 January 2015

The World of the Tooth fairy Script First Draft

- The world of the Tooth fairy is a complex one.
- Working sunset to sunrise collecting over 28000 teeth a night.
- It requires an ability to work quickly and methodically with a keen awareness of health and safety.
- Lifting tooth after heavy tooth the strain is never too much.
- To improve the safety of the Tooth fairy and work speed, forklifts are sometimes used to move pillows and get those tricky to reach teeth.
- To ensure top quality teeth each one is inspected before packing, sometimes some fake teeth try to slip through the net but their always spotted.
- The perfect specimens are individually marked and tagged before returning to the warehouse.
- Then to be repeated the following night and every single night after that.

The style of voice over I would use for this would be like that used in the video below.

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