Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Adaption Part A: The World of the Toothfairy

The World of the Tooth fairy 

For this infographic I want to parody the style of serious infographics with this surreal topic.

This is the type of infographic I want to parody:

For the world of the Tooth fairy I was thinking of having teeth as a fuel like coal to fairies and the tooth fairy being in charge of the industry around collecting them, having the fairies being miners/factory workers. The Infographic would then be describing the Tooth fairy industry. 

This is a possible script parodying the infographic above:

Being the Tooth fairy is hard work.
The hours are long and the work is dangerous.
It takes time, It takes patience, lots of patience and it takes passion.
That's why I started the Tooth Fairy Corporation.
Here we understand your need for high quality teeth but at a more affordable rate.
That why our fairies are on-call visiting over 28,000 children a night and growing.
Using innovative collection methods to meet your ever growing teeth needs.
We have invented an ingenious new coin-under-the-pillow injection system, as well as a ground-breaking body Armour to protect these brave fairies.
With this focus on improving the safety of our employees and the sustainability of the industry, you can now enjoy your teeth, guilt free.

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