Monday, 19 January 2015

The World of the Tooth Fairy Script Second Draft

To fit with the 1930's factory worker video style for the narration I changed the script slightly:

- The stars shine as night begins and the Tooth Fairy rises.
- From sunset to sunrise he  works through the night shift of collection 28000 teeth from children, leaving behind a small token as the only evidence of his visit.
- It requires an ability to work quickly and efficiently with a keen awareness of health and safety to ensure every tooth is collected in one night.
- No tooth to large, no tooth to heavy and the strain is never too much.

-To ensure every tooth is of the highest quality, each one is individually inspected before being packed to ensure no fakes slip through the net.
- The teeth are then marked and tagged for sorting once they return to the warehouse at the end of the night.

- After the long shift the Tooth Fairy returns home to get some well deserved rest before embarking into the following night and every night after.

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  1. Hi Tom

    I've copied your script and will take a look at it tonight. See me tomorrow for some advice.