Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The World of the Tooth Fairy Script Third Draft

This is the Third draft of my Tooth Fairy script following my tutorial yesterday: 

- The Tooth Fairy rises as the stars are shining brightly.

- Beginning the night shift of sunset to sunrise.

- Working swiftly and safely.

- Efficiently and thoroughly.

- To ensure every tooth is collected in one night.

- With a gift for every child.

- No tooth to large.

- No tooth to heavy.

- Nothing is too much for the tooth fairy.

- Every tooth carefully collected.

- Individually inspected and some rejected.

- Before returning home to his kingdom.

- To continue his work the following night.

1 comment:

  1. make it rhyme or get rid of the rhymes you need to have a rhythm or atleast the same amount of synonyms, just a suggestion...
    The tooth fairy rises as stars shine bright
    Dusting his wings and pulling laces tight
    He works swiftly and quiet like a mouse
    Opening windows to enter your house....

    maybe something along those lines?