Monday, 25 November 2013

Kung-Fu Goddess Concept Art Further Development

Following the OGR I was trying to add more goddess element to the scene and change the lighting. I've tried a couple of different compositions to see how they would work to see what could be taken further and works best as a composition.






5 is the one I think works best with the curtains but I am going to try changing this composition with the flower on the platform behind the curtains with the shrine at the bottom of the steps.

Old Alley UV Mapping and Lighting _ Maya Tutorial

Friday, 15 November 2013

Kung-Fu Goddess Secret Lair Thumbnail 96-100

I tried creating a quick layout of an idea for my lair in Maya to test how it would work and to try and create a good composition for my concept art. I added some block colours to the scene for some of the thumbnails just to get a quick idea of how the colour scheme would work.





Research on House of Flying Daggers and Uncharted 2

I have looked at the architecture of the rooms in the first scene of House of Flying Daggers following feedback to reference it. I also looked at the temple locations and the concept art for them in the Game Uncharted 2.

Kung-Fu Goddess Secret Lairs Thumbnails 85-95

I was looking more at Chinese architecture and wanted to capture this in my lair as I was struggling to get the detail correct. I am going with the idea that the lair is starting to crumble and is starting to be claimed back by nature as the Goddess has been left and forgotten about. 

Life Drawing 4