Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Secret Lairs OGR 2 - Kung Fu Goddess

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  1. OGR 21//11/2013

    Hi Tom,

    Okay - I think you're pretty much there, though I wonder if you're yet managing to convey the spirituality of this space - the mysticism. What's working against you at the moment is that your colours are all very rich and 'earth-bound', whereas I'm wondering - if this is place is 'nearer to heaven' and somehow divine, if things should be more pale, pearlescent and dream-like; for example, if this temple is high in the clouds, wouldn't the air be milkier, mistier, and so the colours more desaturated and pale, and the focusing much softer? Whereas these bold flat colours and outlines worked very well in your previous project, I can't help thinking that this same approach is now robbing your secret lair of its delicacy and magic. This doesn't yet feel like a mountain top retreat.

    I regard to the giant lotus flower, even though it's grown up through the floor, I just think it needs to look less 'intrusive' and accidental - and more sacred. Maybe a circular trench has been dug around it, which has been lined with candles - just to stage it a little more purposefully? Maybe too, if there was a layer of mist/cloud dressing the floor, you'd create a more magical effect? The issue here I think is to put the magic into this space; one decision you might take is to give this moment a clear time of day - sunrise/sunset - or under the silver light of a full moon. I think you just need to add further poeticism to what is essentially a rather mystical, melancholy environment. Right now, everything is a bit to solid, too rich, too hard. If I was seeking to act on this feedback, I'd pick my alternate colours from something like this:

    Can you get some additional delicacy into your world, Tom - some misty mysteriousness? Give it a go!