Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation Part A Submission Post: The World of the Tooth Fairy

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  1. Tom - Unfortunately I think your submission is closer to an animation than it is an infographic. This is mainly due to how successfully you’ve replicated the world of 50’s animation (which I know sounds like an odd piece of criticism) - The character and backgrounds are all very well observed and I believed they came straight out of a 50’s animation. The script too has a good ‘retro’ feel as does the voice over. However in terms of the remit of an infographic and its use of transitioning/ animation to conveying information I’d argue that your work is less successful. The ‘true’ facts are a little lost in your world and the voice over has an odd rhythm / delivery which made it hard to follow (and animate to I would imagine?). The transitions are less elegant than your designs too relying mainly on full wipes (whole scenes) and real world cameras (panning and cutting) – Simply put whilst I enjoyed your film visually I wasn’t sure what factual information (spoof or otherwise) I was gaining by watching it unfortunately. This is a shame given all of the good design work you did.

    Note: Congratulations on capturing the world of 50’s animation so accurately Tom. A very rewarding part of your project – Well done.