Friday, 9 October 2015

@Alan @Phil Idea Update - Ageing Superhero

An ageing super hero is getting fed up of saving people from dying while using their phones and no one even noticing, missing the old days of being a hero for his job, so he decides to retire.

A meteor begins to head towards earth but no one notices apart from him as they are too busy looking down at their screens. He ignored it at first waiting for everyone to deal with the problem themselves, as no one notices the world is about to be destroyed, he leaves it to the last minute to come and save the day, with no one noticing still.

He sits down on a bench sulking, when the girl next to him gets up and forgets her phone, he picks it up and calls out to her but gets no reply, holding it in his hand, he decides to see what all the fuss is about and gets hooked himself.

1 comment:

  1. Super-hero = yes! That's a lovely resolution to the practical issue of how your character might 'save the day' while the world is choosing an emoji... Thing is then, does your character even need to be ageing? The idea of superhero's good work going unnoticed because people are looking at their phones (not at the sky) is 'still' your same idea, but everything is more immediate now; he can still decide to hang up his cloak in Act 2, save the day in Act 3, and get hooked on Candy Crush at the end... nice work, Tom :)