Wednesday, 8 June 2016

@Phil New Designers Posters Ideas

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  1. Hi Tom - thanks for posting these up :)

    1) I think you need to come out so we can see more of the meteor; I know the portrait aspect ratio makes this image hard to re-organise, but we're losing too much information here.

    2) Is there a version where you've got more buildings and less sky? Compositionally, it does feel as if the frame could be shifted downwards to get more of the buildings in view.

    3) Again - I like this cover design idea, but the composition is off; you've got a big empty bottom left corner, with the banner cropping the meteor too much - can you re-jig?

    4) Can you give this to me without the background - i.e. with just Captain Wonder on a transparent background?

    5) Again - look at your composition - more buildings, less sky.

    6) Personally, I think just a full body shot of a Captain Wonder render would be great - again, on a transparent background.

    7) Can you give me just the top drawing at a really high-res - I think that one would look great as a solo image.