Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Influence Map - Moon Surface

This is my first influence map, the surface of the moon in the book is covered in fast growing plants in the day  so I looked at plants as well as the moon surface and antarctic conditions to generate some ideas.


  1. Have you decided how your interpreting the text? Obviously we know a lot more about the moon now the speculative view that there was when the novel was written. If your going for the 'of its time' way just remember there's a licence to pull away from the restrictions of "moon facts" and create H.G. Well's moon which is more like another world then our boring, old, rocky tag-along. :-)
    A good mix of images here... already looking at some old looking plants (well fungi) which somehow still look alien. I always give the same advice when people are working on an alien theme... look at micro-organisms and under the sea. These things always look alien when taken out of context.
    Have a look:

    Hope that helps :-)

    1. Thanks, I hadn't thought about under the sea that will be useful