Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thumbnail Sketches

This is my first attempt at using the graphics tablet, I was just experimenting with various brush types and settings to create some quick thumbnail Sketches.


  1. These are looking great Tom, especially considering it's the first time you've used a Wacom. You seem to be playing with perspective already which is really great and each thumbnail seems to be exploring something different. Keep them going, the more you do the easier everything becomes :)

  2. Hey Tom,
    Diving straight in there I see. You have some nice instinctive gestural stuff going on here. A small tip: If you squint at you image it reduces the detail etc. This will help you see the forms and tonal balance a bit easier and can help you pull forms and shapes out.

  3. Evening Tom,

    Good stuff :) More please! Just a note re. presentation - see how your image is actually overlapping your template area; you should edit this post and adjust the image size so that it fits within the margins of your blog (you do this by clicking on the image in the 'compose' window, and this should give you a set of size and alignment options). Also - remember to number your thumbnails too, because it makes it easier for people to zone in on favourites. Onwards!

  4. see link!


  5. Awesome sketches here Tom. They're very expressive and suggestive of a large environmental space. Keep going :)