Thursday, 30 January 2014

From Script to Screen Story Idea

Story idea for Ballet Dancer - Windmill - Bowling Ball:

A Ballet dancer in the Moulin Rouge is practicing a new dance with her male dance partner and every time it gets to the lift he fails and drops her, after trying with many different dance partners she gets annoyed and leaves, wandering into a bowling alley next door where she watches a champion bowler. Noticing his hand movements as he bowls are the same necessary for the dance move, knowing that he would be able to do it she drags him back to the dance stage. Upon arriving she tries to get him to do the dance move, with her failing to hold his attention. She goes back and gets one of his bowling balls and holds it in front of him and when he goes to grab it throws it too one side and jumps into his hands instead and pulls off the perfect dance move. After the success she manages to get him to repeatedly perform the life by him picturing her as a bowling ball and convinces him to become her new dance partner. From then on they perform every night at the Moulin Rouge with his only job to perform the life while he pictures her as a bowling ball.

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