Monday, 3 February 2014

From Script to Screen: Premise, Logline and Step Outline Updated

Ballet Dancer - Windmill - Bowling Ball


Sometimes the best dancers are the most unlikely candidates


A young ballet dancer at the Moulin Rouge gets fed up with the lack of male talented dancers and finds a perfect partner in the least likely venue

Step Outline

A Ballet dancer at the Moulin Rouge is practicing a new dance when her male partner drops her during the lift, after this she tries the lift with all the male dancers but too no success. After getting annoyed that none of them are able to perform the move she leaves the venue and starts walking down the road.

Further down the road she sees a bowling alley, looking through the window she sees a strong looking man at one of the lanes and realizes that he would be strong enough to perform the lift. She goes inside and drags him back to the stage at the Moulin Rouge to attempt the dance move but fails to keep his attention. She gets an idea and quickly runs back to grab one of his bowling balls and brings it back to him.

By holding the bowling ball in front of him, she manages to get his attention and when he tries to grab it she throws it too one side and jumps in its place to be grabbed by him, while he accidentally performs the perfect lift. Surprised at first by how he naturally performed the dance move, he stumbles and nearly drops her. After this they realize they would make a perfect duo and perform the dance.

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