Monday, 24 February 2014

The Blair Witch Project Film Review

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Just a quick comment about the structure of your writing...some of your sentences are overly long and a bit confusing to read; take this for example,

    Most of the terror felt by the audience comes from the fear of the unknown and the directors knowing that the witch doesn’t need to be seen to be scary, creating suspense and tension successfully while watching, as well as the footage feeling real, adding another level of fear to the film and is best described, as said by film critic Richard C. Walls in his review, The Blair Witch Project, ‘It’s a movie which gives you just enough information to provoke you into frightening yourself. ‘(Walls 2013)

    If you actually read that back out loud to yourself, you will see that it probably would have benefitted from being split in half with a full-stop, rather than a comma, and a slight re-wording. Also, make sure that when you come back in after a quote, you use a capital letter (unless the quote is mid-sentence, of course!)