Monday, 20 October 2014

Character - Game Ideas

Idea 1

Environment: Science   Mechanism: Skills   Character: Fragmentation

Card based game with a game mat and dice.

Set post nuclear fallout, with mutant human/hybrid creatures.
Character cards drawn from deck along with power ups. Each card would have stats and a set of special moves along with standard moves.
 One dice will include symbols of feet and fists to determine what the character fights with, as well as a standard dice to determine the number of hits.
Player wins by defeating the other players deck by killing all of there characters until there deck runs out.

Different power up cards and skill of building a deck is involved.

Idea 2

Environment: Fragmentation/Laws   Mechanism: Skills   Character: Science

3rd Person adventure game.

Set in a mixed terrain environment with multiple changing locations.
Scientists experiments have escaped from a lab and hes trying to recapture them before they wreak havoc on the world.
The creatures can affect the laws of physics and change the environment where they create a  nest. Changing the weather, the landscape and ability to move large objects around. Creating fragmented landscapes which the player would have to find there way through in order to recapture the creatures.
The player would require to create objects that would aid them in this, by finding base materials and combining them through trial and error to create ladders or bridges and going on to having to set up complex traps in order to capture the creatures, getting progressively more difficult to capture.

Idea 3

Environment: Fragmentation   Mechanism: Skills   Character: Science

App based game side scrolling game.

Scientist collecting different elements to create new compounds with.
Trial and error combination of elements to creature new compounds that can be used, such as gunpowder to clear a path.
Requires learning the combination of elements to clear the levels and reach the goals.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tom,

    Idea 2 seems to appeal to me because I like the idea of the weather change and it seems like a strategic game which challenges the player's thinking skills :)

    Having said that, your first idea seems interesting too because one of the dice is not made of numbers but symbols- reminds me like some sort of Chinese board game I've played before.

    I would still go for Idea 2 though. I feel there's more potential in terms of design :)

    Hope this helps!