Friday, 3 October 2014

Narrative Story Rethink: New Ideas

Possible story ideas for the narrative project;

1. A child in a workhouse/factory is trying to explain something has gone wrong and wants to alert the master. As he isn't allowed to speak while working without being punished he has to try and come up with a new ways of communicating such as miming/cue cards. After the master fails to understand a crash/explosion occurs behind them and the child runs off before he gets the blame.
(Would be set in Victorian Era workhouse/factory)

2. Day to day life of a child working in a factor and following their journey. Starting off happy/nervous but as the days go by the child becomes more and more part of the machine and less childlike with no voice at all about working there.
(Could be set in either Victorian Era or modern times)

3. Scientist working in a laboratory with chemicals while his child/children play noisily behind him. The noises keep making him nearly spill his work and distracted by the noises behind him he over-pours a chemical and results in it exploding in his face. So that he can get peace and quite while trying to work he makes the children sit still on a stool behind him while he declares children should be seen and not heard.


  1. the last idea - maybe he is trying to mix up a experiment drink where he temporarily goes deaf so he cant hear the children? play on trial and error/ repetitive sequences - but it sounds like alot of rigging are these characters human?

  2. Hey Tom, Idea 3 seems to appeal more to me in comparison to the other 2. A suggestion: How about these children are results of the experiments? They do not have a mouth, hence they cannot be heard.