Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thumbnail Sketches 123-127

Following my quick sketches I created some colour studies to explore my idea to see what would work in the scene and what colours would work. I like 123 and 126 the most, I think i could change the colours and add in more plants to add to the alien feel of the moon.

This is a possible design for the machine in the caves, I am going to try some other colours with it and expanding it further to see what would work.


  1. Hey Tom,

    I can't help feeling that you need to dial up the 'sci-fi' element in these scenes. Right now there's a rather 'modest' feeling about your world; everything looks a bit 'small' and reserved. I'm wondering if it might be disinhibiting for you to embrace the wilder side of 'pulp' science-fiction - which is a bit more 'sensational' and crowd-pleasing? Check out these links, starting with the great Frank R. Paul:

    and also:

    I just think you could be having more fun! :)

  2. On Phil's point... in your previous batch of sketches, in #122 you've put the plants right at the front... its the kind of tactic you can use to establish your world. If your plants are 'other worldly' it could help enforce the sci-fi element. I have a couple of tips to help with these last refining stages.
    1- Try a larger surface for sketching... remember in photoshop you can shrink a sketch and then extend the world! If you prefer to figure things out in pencil first, grab some of the A1 sheets of paper from life-drawing/ animations classes and sketch on there... you'll have to think big to fill the space. It's hard to think big when your world is only a few cm wide :)
    2- Work on some elements separately. Design your flowers and plants and your buildings/equipment out of the environment so your environment is then sculpted around these designed features.
    3- Symmetry suggests uniform and man-made. Avoid using it in natural environments. In these thumbs, although the building is obviously built, placing in the centre suggests a planned out shot as apposed to a random, wild environment. Depends on the effect your going for. Your Machine in the cave, for example, would lend well to centre shot if that was the feature of the scene.
    Additional note- Sorry, this is slightly picky... but these things do get commented on in Crits, Earth is no bigger than a star from Mars... possibly Saturn is visible.. I can't check because NASA website is down at the moment.

    Hope that helps :)