Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Thumbnail Sketches 62-73

These are some more thumbnail sketches I produced focusing on the design of the rocket once it has landed on the moon. I tried a few different designs and changed the perspective to see what worked the best to take further.


  1. Hey Tom, you might want to think about what you want your audience to feel when they're looking at your scene - for example, can you use the composition to help us understand the sense of wonder or amazement felt by your characters at this point in the story? A number of your thumbnails have a kind of 'non-human' view - i.e. the point-of-view is very mid-distance or position high and above the action. This has a distancing effect. Try putting us 'inside' the environment, so that we're looking past, or through something, so the world is up and around us, so we get a sense of the scale of this world. Something to try :)

  2. Hi Tom - see link:

  3. Hi Tom :-) nice use of shadow coming through in 62, looks really effective. As to what Phil is saying have a look at adding more layers to your drawings... your scenes are taking place mid-ground meaning you have a whole fore-ground and background empty. Take a thumbnail you've already done and add in the detail at the front of the view and the back... see the difference it makes.

    Have a look at this image:
    The audience can see the path in the foreground and it kind of suggests maybe we're standing on it? Then the midground is the dangerous lava terrain but in the background we see the metropolis-like city that is obviously the target destination. The audience is transported into a world that suggests a treacherous path to civilisation.
    Again in this one... a whole different story yet there is a journey being told in the image.
    :-) hope it helps